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postiive disciplineLooking for the secret to positive discipline? Nancy Samalin's first book, LOVING YOUR CHILD IS NOT ENOUGH: Positive Discipline that Works, is an international best seller. It ranks among the most popular books on positive discipline and has attracted unanimous praise in the media since its publication by Viking Penguin. Loving your Child Enough is out in a newly revised updated edition and continues to be a perennial favorite among parents and educators. It has been translated into many languages and is available on audiotape and on CD.

Raising considerate and well-behaved children requires learning how to use positive discipline . . . balance firm discipline with equal doses of love and humor. Internationally known parent educator and best-selling author, Nancy Samalin, provides realistic solutions for everyday family challenges, including how to:

- Avoid power struggles
- Minimize sibling rivalry
- Encourage responsibility and independence
- End the “Entitlement Mentality”
- Lend support without hovering

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Here are what some readers have to say:

Helpful without making one feel like a bad parent,
Jan 17, 2006 Reviewer: Mom of 2 Girls

I highly recommend this book. This is the first book that did not make me feel like a bad parent, that gave actual responses that were helpful to my highly intelligent, sensitive and strong willed child.

Invaluable Parental Guidance, December 8, 2005
Reviewer: Marilyn S. Alger

This book was instrumental in making me a better and more confident parent. The guidance is practical, clear and sensible. Much of the guidance in this book is useful over many years of a child's life, just applied a bit differently. I still use tips from this book with my college-age son! This is the most worthwhile guidance we found anywhere on the subject of child rearing.

Very Helpful for Teachers of all grade levels, Oct 14, 2005
Reviewer: Tay C. Cooper

As a 25 year teacher who leads seminars in classroom management and community, this is the most helpful book I have ever read. It gives practical examples of how to use language to focus on results and outcomes. Students respond because they are not attacked and the teacher is not drawn into the constant little battles that bog the day down. I reread this book every two to three years to brush up and refine my skills.

Listen to this audio every few months for added benefits!, December 9, 2002 Reviewer: Jody

I purchased the audio version of this book, and found it more rewarding. The first time I played it, I picked up on the concept of the new discipline theory. The audio provided many examples, and seems to be a simple theory. I've tried using the positive discipline plan with my two daughters, and surprisingly it worked very well in many situations. Very seldom did I have to resort to my old disciplinary behaviors. My children prefer the new methods, and have become more verbal about their own punishments, and what they believe is fair and unfair. Though we don't see eye to eye on these, we have the communication, and they do seem to be behaving a lot better and we are able to spend more time enjoying each other, instead of arguing or separated into different rooms. When I replayed this tape after several months later, I was encouraged to continue this plan, and also to fine tune it with a few additional recommendations that were discussed. I highly recommend this to all parents who wish to develop a stronger relationship with their children, and who wish to gain a little more respect from them as well.

I Constantly Recomend This Book To My Clients,
March 26, 2000 Reviewer: Daphne

As a practicing Marriage and Family Psychotherapist and former elementary school principal, I must have read hundreds of books on how to discipline children effectively. However, the problem with many of them is that the emphasis is generally on how to get children to behave cooperatively, rather than on how to raise emotionally healthy, happy, responsible children who know how think for themselves.

Nancy's book is the best match I've seen for the methods that therapists believe are most effective in developing high self-esteem in kids. The author helps parents and teachers understand that, by treating children with dignity and respect and listening to their feelings,our kids will WANT to do the 'RIGHT THING'. Loving Your Child Is Not Enough is written in clear, easy-to-read chapters filled with examples we all can relate to.

I often recommend that busy moms and dads buy the cassette version and listen and talk about it, and I frequently use Nancy's explanations in describing good parenting to my clients - AND to their children! I also suggest that readers will want to read other books written by Samalin.

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